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Time: 23.05.2020, from 15:30 clock

Start / Finish: recreational sports facility at Südpark, Berlin

Mammoth March Berlin – This is a lot of tradition and the cradle of modern 100-kilometer hiking in Germany. Everything started here. Here was the first mammoth march, when there were only small local events in Germany.

At the very beginning there were 17 participants starting in Treptower Park, but the number of participants quickly grew, so today we are chasing the night with thousands of starters to march 100 kilometers in 24 hours and overcome personal limits.

Die Strecke haben wir in den letzten Jahren immer wieder angepasst. Das liegt daran, dass wir in Berlin, wie auch in allen anderen Mammutmarsch-Städten, einen ganz einfachen Anspruch haben: Wir möchten die schönste und interessanteste Strecke bauen, die die Region zu bieten hat.

In Berlin kann dieser Anspruch ganz einfach mit den Worten unserer Teilnehmerin Antje zusammengefasst werden: “Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass es in Berlin solche Natur gibt. Wo habt ihr nur so eine Strecke gefunden?”

And to make such a track on its feet, of course, also include trips to Potsdam and the Havelland. But also on Berlin city area we have a lot of Wannsee and Grunewald for you. That’s why the route is characterized by three things: a lot of water, impressive architecture with one or the other castle and lots of nature and heathland.

A small highlight on the second half of the route is Marquardt Castle. Here you can banish your bananas grandly in the fireplace room or dining room from the 14th century.

Sign up now and join us! Mammutmarsch Berlin is living history and the mother of all mammoth marches. We look forward to tormenting you through the night and to embrace you at the finish with a cold beer and a well deserved medal!

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